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At this time ALL sessions will be conducted via HIPAA-compliant Zoom and that there are no in person offerings. If Dr. Bonavitacola determines that telehealth is not the most appropriate fit for you at this time, she can provide you with in person, local referrals for other providers who can work with you.


Dr. Bonavitacola can only treat patients who are located in the states where she is licensed, which includes Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and all PSYPACT states and territories. For the most up to date list of which states participate in PSYPACT, please click here: PSYPACT Map


The decision to seek therapy and to find the right fit in a therapist can be a challenging one! I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to try and help determine whether we might be a good fit to work together. In this call, we will speak about the current concerns and reasons for seeking treatment, assess whether working with me might fit your needs, and I can answer any questions you may have. After that, we will have a 90 minute intake assessment and consultation session to assess the history of the current concerns, gather background information, make a diagnostic assessment, and then provide my initial impressions and treatment recommendations. From there, we can mutually determine goals for therapy and whether this is the right fit for you or your loved one.


Typically, appointments are weekly for 45 minutes. However, this may differ depending on your needs and type of therapy you are seeking. For example, exposure therapies such as Prolonged Exposure tend to require 60-90 minute sessions. For some people, meeting more than once a week is recommended in order to expedite the therapy process. At the initial consultation we will discuss my recommendations regarding frequency and this can also be adjusted throughout treatment to meet your needs as they change. 


Treatment length varies depending on the particular concerns and difficulties you are experiencing and the intensity of the problem. I utilize an evidenced-based approach and generally cognitive and behavioral therapies are meant to be short-term and focused on helping the client problem-solve on his or her own, outside of the therapy office. Typically, length of suggested treatment ranges from three months to one year; however, this will depend on your personal presenting concerns and what meets your needs. The predicted length of treatment will be discussed with you at the initial consultation appointment. If there is a time constraint, we can discuss ways to maximize treatment gains in a truncated amount of time.  In addition, some clients require a longer treatment time and/or find benefit in ongoing booster session after the initial presenting concern has either remitted or reduced in intensity.


CBT and DBT therapies are therapeutic styles that are goal-oriented, meaning that you can expect your therapist to help you to set goals of behavioral patterns, emotions, or thought processes that you would like to see change or see improve in your life. As a behavioral therapist, I will be monitoring your progress over time to ensure that you are making the therapeutic gains that you sought out to achieve and so that we can make adjustments to the treatment plan if you are not. I take an active stance in your sessions, meaning I won't be sitting back! We will together create agendas for each session to ensure that we are targeting what is most effective to target in that session, based on your treatment goals. As a patient, I will likely be asking you to complete work outside of sessions since so much of your life happens outside of the therapy (virtual) room and if you'd like to see significant changes in your life, you will need to practice new techniques in your real life! I will be your guide throughout this whole process, and will encourage you if you get discouraged at any point along the way. Change can be difficult, and I am here to help you along the way!


I do not accept insurance and am considered an out of network provider.  Payment for sessions is expected at the time of the session. I accept all major credit cards and FSA/HSA cards. If you would like to seek insurance reimbursement, I recommend that you consult your insurance company for clarification as reimbursement rates for out of network providers vary widely by carrier and plan type. I will provide you with a monthly billing invoice with all necessary information to seek reimbursement (service provided, CPT code, location of service provided, diagnostic code, fee, date). Your insurance company can also inform you of your deductible, if there is any preauthorization required, and if there is a limit to the annual number of sessions.

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